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Perimeter Home Defense

Southern California
Pest Management

Our Pest Control Company Removes:

• Pillbugs/Sowbugs
• Spiders, Bedbugs
• Ants & Insects
• House Crickets
• Mice and Rodents
• Moths, Fruit Flies
• Silverfish, Aphids
• Roach Infestations
• Birds, Pests, & More!

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Clear property of seasonal pest infestations that are dangerous, and sometimes deadly.


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Scout Pest Management & Control is your Comprehensive Pest & Termite Service. Our Orange County Pest Control & Termite Services cannot be matched to any other service. We can go above and beyond what other pest control companies can. Specializing in Orange County Pest Control & Termite services in Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego.


Sign up for a FREE inspection and automatically get a 50% off your initial service voucher if you choose to become apart of the Scout Pest Management family.

After you schedule the inspection a friendly customer service representative will call you to confirm the day and time. Then one of our experienced technicians will come and do a complete home inspection plus spend that extra time on your most concerning pest issues.

Once the inspection is complete you will receive our honest recommendations for managing the pest infestations.

  • Estimated Time for Inspection: 30-45 minutes
  • We check EVERYWHERE, not just problem areas.
  • Complete pest removal and prevention!

Honest days work for an honest days pay. This is why we’ve developed “Smart Pricing”. Smart Pricing is based on the actual work, equipment, and time needed to get the job done right and not just one the square footage of your building. Smart Pricing means you only pay for what you need and what is right for your situation.



Many clients have asked Scout Orange County Termite Control & Pest, “What can I do to keep termites from getting in my house?” We usually answer, “build your house out of metal or concrete”. Unfortunately, applying anything toxic enough to keep Termites from landing on your home would not necessarily be the safest option. However, there is hope!

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At Scout Pest Management, we offer extensive services to cover all aspects of pest control, including birds, rodents, gophers, rabbits, landscape pests (snails, white fly, etc.), and general pests (ants, crickets, roaches, etc.) We are your Orange County Pest Control leader in using reduced impact materials to combat pests, which allows you to stay home while we treat with virtually no preparation on your part. Scout Pest Management is the best pest control company in Orange County!

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Let Scout Pest Manage your unwelcome clients. We have been maintaining major institutions such as the Discovery Science Center, Government Facilities such as prisons and navy bases and restaurants such as Fatburger and Coldstone. Our excellent results, accountability, attention to detail, and proven track record for safety have been contributing factors to our longevity and steady growth.

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How To Get Rid Of Common Local PestsOur perimeter treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast, and you won’t see a trace of them for a while after treatment.

OUR HAPPY CLIENTS  We care about our customers like our family, and we have a full support house to take of each and every one of you.


If, during the regular maintenance treatments you are not completely satisfied with the results, Scout will return
to treat the area again at no extra charge. If the situation is not rectified with the follow-up call, our Quality Control department will work with you until the situation is solved to your satisfaction. If we are unable to resolve your situation within a treatment period, you will be credited back your last regular maintenance service payment.

*Service credit only applies to customers on the one-year service agreement plan. Rodents can only be guaranteed with the purchase of a Rodent Exclusion.

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